advisory iconADVISORY

Humphrey Porter

Founded Neutronics GmbH in 1994 (EMS maufacturing) and in 1997 sold the company to Flextronics for €140 mill. Worked with Flextronics as European President until 2006. Now invests in start-ups and various private equity projects in Europe, USA and Asia.

Darius Karbassioun

In his role as Strategy Director for BBH Sport, Darius has access to brands and talent, plus being with one of the world’s foremost agencies, is able to advise on how brands want to engage and seek a return on their investment.

Alex Horne

ICN shareholder Alex spent 11 years operating at Board level within The English FA, the highest-profile and most complex sports organisation in the UK, Group CEO for the last 5 years. Alex delivered a group-wide shift in culture and oversaw the successful financing, completion and opening of both Wembley National Stadium and The National Football Centre, creating both as sustainable businesses from start-up. Prior to joining The FA in 2003 I spent 10 years with PwC in a range of financial and business advisory roles.

Adam Bird

Entrepreneur and Technologist, Adam is an investor and Advisor to ICN. Co-founder and CTO of Esendex prior to selling the business in 2012, Adam is now founder of One Diary, and brings a wide range of technical knowledge and experience of growing technology companies.