Putting engaging products in front of relevant and responsive audiences.

While ICN takes great pride in the quality of its products, ICN is equally passionate about being a media business: about putting engaging products and brands in front of a relevant and responsive audience.

Media models continue to emerge apace in Apps, as en masse, we use our mobile phones and tablets more and more to consume media and keep in touch with our digital and social world. Engaging with consumers on their mobile devices is now a prerequisite of any meaningful marketing strategy.

To this end, ICN is able to offer a unique range of value drivers: its rapidly growing user base can deliver contextual brand awareness, celebrity endorsement and response. It can even produce engaging and entertaining content such as bespoke video all fully syndicated for use on digital and social media.

ICN is building lasting and enduring brand partnerships with clients. Creative is elegant and optimised to deliver the maximum opportunity for recall and response. ICN works with a small number of partners per App, with exclusivity offered to clients in their field, so messages are not crowded or confused for audiences.

Prices vary according to the campaigns but components include: