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Danny Musico's Celebrity Fitness

Danny truly is the trainer to the stars with a celebrity client list including Jessica Simpson, Tobey Maguire and Russell Crowe. And now Danny is willing to share his secrets and methods with you, so you too can have a body fit for the red carpet.

In this App you will find:

– Exercise Library: Exclusive library of fantastic body exercises for you to:

– Video Guides: Danny personally demonstrates how to workout every inch of those essential muscle areas

– Step by Step Instructions: Touch screen navigation through descriptions and images showing you the ‘Right’ and ‘Wrongs’ of every exercise

– Routines: Group exercises to create and save your own favorite routines

– Nutritional Advice: Danny shares his top tips on how he advises his celebrities to manage every dietary aspect from fats and calories to proteins, sugar and Supplements.

– Progress Tracking: Register your profile, save and monitor your personal statistics such as height, weight, BMI and muscle growth.

– Connect with Danny: Inside this App you will have access to Danny, his latest news and social media updates.

Download the app today and Danny will take you on an intense journey to achieve your Celebrity Fitness potential!