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Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors

Coaching from the best!

Tennis icon Jimmy Connors has won a record 109 singles titles. Download ‘Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors’ and let him share with you his ‘Keep It Simple’ tennis philosophy, while keeping track of your performance, and gain a unique insight into the career of one of the sport’s greatest legends.

The App features over an hour of video: in addition to courtside chats with Jimmy about his career, the App concentrates on playing tennis, as Jimmy walks and talks you through his disarmingly simple approach, shot by shot. Whatever your standard, Jimmy’s philosophy can be applied and he can help you get the most enjoyment and fulfilment from your own tennis, or maybe just inspire you to pick up a racquet again this year?

Jimmy Connors: “I’ve compiled my tennis philosophy and lessons as well as an inside look at some of my toughest opponents, favorite matches and my thoughts on tennis today. My goal was to give you an interesting look at my career and simultaneously make you feel like you are getting me as a coach, always in your pocket, guiding you through your game shot by shot”.

What to expect:

Improve Your Game - In a section packed with beautifully simple insight, Jimmy demystifies the game. From the tips that characterized arguably the most aggressive returner of serve of all time, to how to ensure you keep a point going, to the vital importance of movement and getting back into position after every shot. It’s all in there: forehand, backhand, volleys, lobs, serves, grip, movement, passing shots, smashes and of course, returning!

My Personal Journal - Track your development, wherever you are, while implementing the techniques!

Jimmy’s World Of Tennis - Your pass inside the world of professional tennis, with exclusive insight into Jimmy’s greatest matches, toughest opponents, controversial moments, his thoughts on tennis today and of course, winning 109 titles!

And more…
...follow Jimmy on Twitter and Facebook automatically through the App, take a peek at our hosts for the App, the wonderful Malibu Racquet Club, and then look out for more software updates, with enhancements and more content from Jimmy!

So ‘Keep It Simple’ and download Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors!

To avoid the need to be connected to the internet every time you wish to view the App content, the videos are loaded in to the App once during initial installation. To download this App you will therefore need to connect to the internet via iTunes on your lap top or desk top computer. Once downloaded, all video content will be available without further internet connection.