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JIMMY 613 is the free to download App from one of English cricket’s all time leading wicket takers, James Anderson.

In the App you’ll find Jimmy sharing his professional and personal passions like fitness and style, some of the ways Jimmy likes to relax and the chance to download the most comprehensive guide to fast bowling available in the Appstore:

FITNESS section: Being ‘Cricket Fit’ is no longer comparable to playing darts! But what does ‘Strength & Conditioning’ actually mean? Can anyone take an ‘Ice Bath’? And does ‘Interval Training’ mean taking a break? Jimmy demystifies the fitness secrets of the modern player.

STYLE section: check out some of Jimmy’s looks on and off the pitch, and go behind the scenes with Jimmy on a photo shoot and on the production of his limited edition T-shirt.

FUN section: Those who follow @JimmyAnderson9 on Twitter will know Jimmy likes his music, golf and the odd game of cards! There’s plenty on all those areas, with some “Top 10’s” from Jimmy to provoke opinion – let him know what you think on Twitter?

MORE section: check out a mini video serialization of extracts from his book JIMMY: MY STORY, catch up with Jimmy on Twitter and Facebook, and more besides.

All these sections are free to download and enjoy, though bowlers of all levels and ages should ensure that they make next season their best yet by checking out the PLAY section: Filmed in partnership with SkySports and presented by ex-England batsman Ian Ward, this section features more than 80 minutes of video footage that constitutes the most comprehensive analysis of Fast Bowling available in the Appstore from one of the world’s leading exponents of the art
The ‘Intro’ gives you a taste of what’s available as Ian asks Jimmy about his early days in the game
Then, broken down into nine sections, in the ‘Masterclass’, every aspect of fast bowling is analysed is and available for £0.69: Technique, Outswing, Inswing, Wobble Ball, Bouncer, Reverse Swing, Yorker, Slower Ball & Left Handers are all deconstructed in meticulous detail as aspects like Grip, Field Setting and Line & Length are carefully considered.
Then there’s a further 10 minutes of free to download video in Jimmy’s tips for Junior, Club and Advanced Bowlers, with key pointers to help users of a variety of levels to make next season their best yet!
There is also a ‘Twinterview’ filmed with Jimmy, featuring nine cricketing and fun questions asked by followers.

Each video can be downloaded separately, and for those users on data plans, please ensure you are connected to wifi when downloading video. It will then remain on your device so you can watch it again and again without incurring further charges or taking further time.

This app can run on iPad. If it does not show on the App Store results for iPad please click on "iPhone Apps" on the navigation bar and you will be able to download it. You can even zoom them up to full screen by clicking the 2x button on the bottom right corner.