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Jose Canseco's Power Hitting

Learn how to hit from the fastest hands in baseball, Jose Canseco, with his amazing new coaching App!

World Series Winner and former American League's MVP, Jose Canseco shows you how to hit like a Pro. You will get access to amazing coaching sessions, video tips and baseball tools designed to make you a Pro hitter.

What to expect:
- Videos: Almost 50 coaching and interview videos from the baseball legend, Jose Canseco
- Soft Toss Drills: Learn from Jose's fantastic Soft Toss drills, helping you develop your swing and teaching you how to hit like a pro
- Live Drills: Be coached by the best and use Jose's Live Drill video tutorials to learn how to hit that ball harder and further out the park than ever before
- The Power Journal: This tool will allow you to track your progress as you develop that Power Swing, add game reports or practice notes to monitor improvement
- In My Own Words: Exclusive unseen access to the biggest name in baseball, as Jose personally guides you behind the scenes of a career at the top of American baseball
- Connect: Use the Social Tools to connect with Jose and receive daily updates from the man himself

Download it today and use Jose Canseco as your own personal Pro Coach!

To avoid the need for you to connect to the internet every time you wish to view the App content the videos are loaded in to the App once during initial installation. To download this app you will therefore need to connect to the internet via iTunes on your lap top or desk top computer. Once downloaded all video content will be available without further internet connection.