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Lewis Moody Rugby

Download the 'Lewis Moody Rugby' App in association with Rugby World Magazine and you can benefit from more than 40 fantastic Skill Drills and Plays, exclusive rugby related tools, video tips and exciting content from the Bath and England rugby captain. Although there are many Fitness Apps in the Appstore, in this App, Lewis personally takes you through how to get specifically 'Rugby Fit', as well as the chance to personalise routines and track your progress. THE must have App for rugby fanatics, whether you’re a player on the pitch or a fan in the stands!

Lewis Moody: "Uncompromising, Committed, Addicted - why I'm 'Mad Dog' about rugby"

What to expect:
* Skill Zone - Watch videos of Lewis Moody take you through exclusive drills designed to improve your rugby skills, and benefit from over 10 years of World Class coaching
* Playbook - Scroll through a library of step-by-step plays for backs and forwards, and save your favourite moves to share on the training ground or match days
* Rugby World - Access the latest rugby news from around the globe and enjoy amazing subscription discounts to Rugby World Magazine
* Fitness - Extensive video footage of Lewis showing you how to get Rugby fit
* Nutrition - Lewis' own personal Nutrition guide
* Mad Dog Rugby - Stay connected with Lewis Moody on Facebook and Twitter, and get Mad Dog's latest updates direct to your device, as well as behind the scenes fun content from the App, alarm calls, Lewis' blog.
* Exclusive Interview - see the first videos recorded by Lewis especially for the App, talking about specific points in his career, produced in association with Lewis' autobiography 'Mad Dog: An Englishman'

In association with Rugby World and Better Rugby Coaching.

To avoid the need for you to connect to the internet every time you wish to view the App content the videos are loaded in to the App once during initial installation. To download this app you will therefore need to connect to the internet via iTunes on your lap top or desk top computer. Once downloaded all video content will be available without further internet connection.