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ICN is looking for hunger, a desire to do more than ‘just enough’, people who want to help make something ‘excellent’; a pro-active nature, but a team player too. If this sounds like you, then ICN has an ambitious and exciting business plan, with good investors. ICN is looking to build the right long term team where ICN invests in the right people. If this appeals, then find the right opportunity below and get in touch. ICN is an equal opportunities employer and aims to promote equality, harmony and respect amongst individuals and to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation of all kinds.

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Trainee Producer

Initially 8 week paid internship

Lots of people are interested in both video and written content – video has become a pivotal media on all platforms. ICN is looking for someone who aspires to produce an ‘excellent’ standard of content, and develop a range of offerings of different ‘styles’ of video content over time, with first class lighting, sound, animations, graphics and music.

Trainee Digital Sales Executive

Initially 8 week paid internship

This is the kind of role that seems to attract fewer candidates yet for those who harbour any ambition to run a business in the future, particularly an Apps or web based business, taking care of the ‘top line’ of revenue, is absolutely vital. Without customers and turnover you cannot do anything and you do not have a business!

Trainee SEO/PPC Analyst

Initially 8 week paid internship

Although ICN was formed in 2010, ICN Media is 2.5 years into a journey and has accrued a lot of knowledge and learned an awful lot in a relatively short space of time about how to deliver a first class service to clients on the subjects covered in these roles. The goal now is to strive for ‘excellence’ in this area. It may be that ICN needs to hire in someone with multiple years of experience to apply what they have done to an excellent standard elsewhere?