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We’re a digital media publisher that works with well known names from entertainment and sport.

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ICN Apps created and published its first App in the second year of the AppStore and is a pioneer in AppStore terms. A veteran of more than 30 Apps in total, ICN Apps has worked with well known names from entertainment and sport, as well as household consumer brands. Many of these Apps have been highly critically acclaimed, being nominated for highly prized Digi &Meffy awards. An ICN App was the BBC Click ‘Highlight of 2012’ and two ICN Apps have been nominated in the Sunday Times ‘Top 500 Apps In The World’ list.

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In 2017, ICN Media was launched as a digital marketing agency which now has 17 different product offerings to businesses looking to grow their digital presence cost effectively. These 17 products are all used in the process of creating, delivering, maintaining and promoting every ICN App. In 2020, ICN has begun to grow back its Apps portfolio in areas of the AppStore where, with the benefit of its 10 years of AppStore publishing experience, and 22 years of digital media experience, it sees major opportunities still be exploited.

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All ICN Apps are also supported by ICN SQUID, ICN’s innovative marketing assignation software, enabling marketing success and customer loyalty to be constantly assessed and reviewed in order to generate massively more cost effective App marketing decisions to be made.