ICN Nominated for national ‘Target Jobs’ Award 2016

Nottingham, UK – February 9, 2016
Apps publisher International Celebrity Networks (ICN) and the University of Nottingham have had their partnership recognised by AGCAS (Association of Careers Advisory Services) with a nomination at the Target Jobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2016 in the category of Best Collaboration between a University Careers Service and an Employer.

ICN moved to Nottingham’s Creative Quarter in 2013 and immediately began collaborating with the University of Nottingham, which has been ranked nationally as 1 (2014), 2 (2015) and 2 (2015) as the University most targeted by employers according to the ‘High Fliers’ research survey.

Since then, undergraduates have earned valuable experience in functions right across the spectrum of digital media, from App marketing to media sales, from digital design to App development, from product management to video production. ICN has also filled it’s ranks with full time positions for graduates once they complete their studies and look to enter the world of work.

Other nominees include J.P.Morgan and Horizon Nuclear Power with the winner set to be announced in April.

Geoff Baker, Founder & CEO of ICN said “ICN has found that graduates are fearless and open minded and unencumbered in their thinking, and so perfect for the ever changing and rapidly developing world of mobile media and the Pasture. The University of Nottingham has provided a fabulous platform to engage with students from all backgrounds of a very high quality, while at the same time giving opportunities for them to get highly relevant experience more responsibility, all within the atmosphere of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.”

ICN will announce it’s plans for further graduate career opportunities for 2016 during Q2.